Tools - Affiliate Reporting (a 'must have')

Wow! This is one of the best Affiliate tools we have seen!

A 'must have' for the serious affiliate!

Visit the site and watch the short video!

Affiliate Reporting is the first software platform of its kind to be designed exclusively for the affiliate marketing industry by former industry leading affiliate marketers.

From full integration with all major search engines and affiliate networks (and several tier 2 affiliate networks), to advanced ROI-based analytics, you’ll discover that this is the first end-to-end SEM platform designed just for you.

Here’s what Affiliate Reporting does for you:-

1. Transparently aggregates conversion, sales and commission data from multiple affiliate networks including Commission Junction.

2. Automatically pulls in reporting data and campaign management functionality from multiple search engines including Google, Yahoo!, MSN, and other tier 2 engines.

3. Provides sophisticated alarms and notifications to alert you to areas of concern in your campaigns, and track all user and system-generated changes down to the keyword level.

4. Automates your ROI analysis and helps you make complex bid adjustments for your campaigns on search engines. Suggested bids are automatically calculated for desired ROI, and are based on real keyword performance using multi-dimensional analysis.

And best of all, you can test all of this with the Free 30-day Trial HERE

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