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How does the affiliate scheme work?

The AffiliateFuture system works in this way:

A Merchant (someone who wants visitors to come to their site to increase sales, leads etc.) registers with AffiliateFuture and adds a programme to the site. A programme is a combination of a banner or text, an offer of commission, and a link to the Merchant’s site.

An Affiliate (someone who wants to add adverts to their site to generate revenue) also registers with AffiliateFuture, and subscribes to the programme offered by the Merchant.

This generates code which the Affiliate adds to their site.

Using this code, AffiliateFuture tracks visitors to the Affiliate’s site and tracks visits from this site to the Merchant’s site. It also records whether the offer conditions are met.

AffiliateFuture processes all the data and credits the Affiliate with the relevant amount of commission.

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