Marketing - How to get Number 1 Spot on Google in 2 days!

WOW! I didn't think it was possible!

Number 1 spot on Google in just 2 days!

and best of all it was FREE!

No, this isn't some kind of scam or anything. It is just good marketing and common sense! If used correctly you can get your pages to the number 1 spot on Google too! How did I do it? Well let me start at the beginning.

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Right, back to Google! All I did was write an article about affiliate marketing and published it! That was it! Simple! Ahh, but BEFORE I published it, I had to think out my strategy! How can I get this page to rank well on Google (and therefore all the other search engines?) Well, you could use good SEO software like IBP (watch the FREE video) whilst this really works and I use it as part of my long term marketing strategy (and I would recommend that you do too), I didn't get my superfast result like that! This is where the creative part comes in..... First I had to think about my 'relevant' keywords! I used WordTracker for this. Then once I had these, I simply arranged them in the Title of my page.

But that isn't the cleaver part.... [Read the full article in our FREE Money Maker Group]

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