Lesson - [1] Your Business Idea?

Online Money & Affiliate AcadamyRight, lets take a look at our first online business.

The first thing that I would recommend is getting hold of an 'ideas' book. I have been scribbling ideas in notebooks for the past 5 years and I 'know' the value in writing your ideas down. I have recently used these books to bring to life many projects that I have been 'thinking' about for many years!

If you don't write these ideas and thoughts down, you probably won't be able to recall them in the future. (personally, I can't even remember what I did yesterday!)

Once you have your book, take a pen or pencil and write down your 'ideas for your business' I am sure that you will have had many before but now is the time to commit them to paper. If you are not sure, why not make a list of your hobbies or your favorite sports etc.

I would recommend that you start with something that 'means' something to you. Possibly something that you are good at or really passionate about! These will 'always' make great business's because you already have the 'passion' for it! Passion = Productivity (which will ultimately result in another P - PROFIT!)

Don't be worried about 'how' you are going to make money from it just yet, we will cover this soon!

A few good examples:- Let's say you are really interested in a sport - Golf for example! Now becoming a Professional Golfer will take many years of dedication usually from a very young age! Whilst becoming a golf pro is one way of making money from golf, it isn't really an option for most of us..... But if you are passionate about golf, why not turn it into an online business! You could set up a website selling golf clubs! Whilst there are many of these already, you could 'carve out' a niche by maybe focusing your efforts on a particular 'brand' or a particular 'price range' or specializing in Ladies golf or Junior golf etc. 'Yes but wouldn't I have to buy the stock and store it before shipping to my customers?' I hear you ask? NO. There are many companies that offer an 'affiliate partnership' program who will do this for you. All you need is a sale through a personalized link and they will process the order, ship the goods to your customer and pay you a commission! [Affiliate Schemes] but don't worry about all that for now. Just write your ideas down!

Rather than selling 'Golf clubs' what about selling 'information!' What about keeping a diary about all your golfing experiences, the best places to play, the cheapest shops, the best golf balls, the best golfers, where to buy Championship tickets, 'how to' reduce your handicap, better putting, straighter driving, golfing holidays, specialist golfing equipment etc, etc, etc. Hopefully you get the point. Try to carve out a 'niche' part of the overall market.

Whatever 'idea' you come up with which is 'personal' to you should be written down and dissected. Remember, these are 'your' ideas so if they are a little crazy, it doesn't matter! No one else will see them and often the 'best' business ideas come out the craziest thought patterns so give it a go!

Once you have your ideas (and don't limit yourself to just one) It is time to find out how you can turn your ideas into an online business...... [Please read lesson 2]

Keep reading & believing!

David Moore

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