How to make money online - FREE in Part 4

As always, if you haven't ready parts 1, 2 or 3, please do so before reading this part.

Ok guys, We have already covered most of the basics, but I would like to finish off this briefing with the last way of making money online FREE.

Well, actually there are few additional ways that you can make money from your blog. Once your blog has been around for a while, you may like to consider selling advertising directly to interested parties. Let's take our Golf example again. Lets assume that you added a page to your blog called 'Advertising' and on this page you set out your fees and charges for other online retailers to advertise directly on your site. That would be 100% of the revenue paid directly to you and YOU set the fee!

Ok, your site will have to be attracting many readers each month for this to be attractive to advertisers, but the internet is global and many, many millions of people use it each day!

Another way of making money from your blog would be charging a subscription to view. We call these 'membership' sites. For a small monthly fee, you grant readers access to your information. Obviously you would have to have your site password protected for this feature to work but membership sites do have their place and readers are prepared to pay for good quality content!

While I am on the subject of 'content', please remember that ALL search engines are there to promote top quality content for their users! NOT pages full of adverts. Not only do the search engines dislike advert riddled pages, but so do your readers! Treat them well. Provide them with great content. Make it easy to read. Easy to find, and easy to find further information and you will attract new readers who will make you money.

Please stay tuned. I will be giving you my 'take' on Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest etc) and how you can use these sites as 'tools' to provide you with almost 'instant' traffic! I will also take a look at 'Paid for' advertising versus Search Engine Optimization etc. as well as many other topics that should help you to make money online FREE!

I hope that you enjoyed this series - to end, I would like to offer you a chance to join one of the best (unknown) affiliate networks for you to choose products from to promote on your sites and make a ton of money! Check it out HERE (of course it is 100% FREE to join and payouts are made to you via PayPal. I have received quite a few already) Good luck!

How to make money online - FREE (Part 3)

How to make money online - FREE (Part 3) the exciting bit! If you have not read Part 2, or Part 1 you can find them here)

How do we actually make the MONEY!

Well, before we get too carried away, let's have a quick re-cap:- So far we haven't spent a single penny! but we have set up a free blog site and hopefully we have started to add articles about our favorite subject. Now we need to generate interest in our articles and turn our readers into cash!

There are a number of ways that you can generate money from your blog. Firstly is Google Adsense - now don't let any names or phrases put you off at this stage. Adsense is simply a name for those little adverts that appear on your Google search at the top and right hand side of your search results. If you would like to make money out of your blog, probably the easiest way is to add these adverts to your site. Each click from any of your blog readers will generate you commission! These adverts will be what is known as 'Contextual' adverts i.e. they will be relevant to your blog article. So in our Golf example, we may see adverts appearing advertising the latest Golf equipment, or Special Offer Gold Vouchers for a certain Golf Club etc, etc. The beauty of these adverts is that it is a 'set and forget' system. Once set up on your blog, each new article you write and publish will generate a new set of 'relevant' adverts. So how much can you make? Well it really depends on the number of advertisers wishing to advertise any relevant products or services in your selected niche. It could be a few cents/pennies or a few Dollars/Pounds per click!

A word of WARNING here - Under no circumstances click on ANY advert yourself or try to trick the system by getting others to click on your adverts for you! Not only is this dishonest, but Google has many years of running Adsense and it's complex I.T. systems will detect any fraudulent activity and you will be suspended from the Adsense system. You have been warned!

There are other contextual advertising solutions for you to consider, but Google is the number one.

Ok, so that is one way to make money, but I would always recommend each page to have at least 3 different money generating systems on them.

So, money making system number two is Affiliate Links. There are many Affiliate 'Networks' available today (there are a few listed at the bottom of this page). Most are free to join. Once joined, you simply need to find relevant affiliate partners listed within these networks. These partners will be looking for you to help them promote their products and services. You will be amazed at how many National Brands are available to promote within these networks.

So, back to our example. We now have our blog with our Adsense adverts displayed and our relevant articles appearing. It is now time to find and add some affiliate links to our site. So let's assume that we have written an article about the latest Long Range Driver (which is a Golf Club for those who don't play golf). We can now find a Gold Club supplier within our affiliate network who is selling this club on their website and seek out the sales page for the particular piece of equipment we have written about. We then add our affiliate tracking link (within the affiliate network site) and paste this link into our blog. Each time a visitor reads your article and clicks the link, they will be re-directed to your affiliate partners site but they are tracked as YOUR customer. So if your reader ends up buying the piece of equipment that you have promoted from your affiliate partner site, you will get paid commission on that and every sale!

With me so far? Good, read on to find out more about How to make money online - FREE  in Part 4

How to make money online - FREE (Part 2)

Ok, let's go ahead and use one of our subjects from How to make money online - FREE (Part 1) as an example!

Let's assume that we are very passionate about the game of Golf! A very popular sport around the entire World! Because of this, any information we can provide to the internet about this subject could have a MASSIVE Worldwide following!

So, first things first. We now have our subject - we now need a place to post some information about our subject! Now at this stage you may decide that you would like to set up and run your own website about Golf or a particular nice within the subject of Golf? But this will cost you money - not a lot, but some! So we are not going to discuss this option in this article. No, we are going to concentrate just on how to make money online - FREE! so we need a FREE option here!

Allow me to introduce you to the World of Blogging!

I am sure that you will have heard of 'Blogging' before but many people don't understand what it is, how it works or what to do with one! So let's take a look. There are many FREE blogging platforms available online like Wordpress, Tumbr, SquareSpace, TypePad etc but my favorite is Google's Blogger! Not only has it been around for a long time and very easy to use, but it is owned and run by Google and that can only be a good thing when you want high rankings on the Google Serch Engine Results Pages!

So, if you want to follow me, pop over to and set up a FREE account. Once set up, you should be able to a link to BLOGGER (search for it if you can't find it) and sign up for your FREE Blog! You can change all the details later so don't worry too much about them at this stage.

Ok, so let's assume that you now have a free Google Blog set up with the word 'Golf' somewhere in the title of your blog. All you need to start doing is writing!

What, that's it? That's the big deal? How do I make money from that? I hear you ask.

Relax, it's simple.

You are now going to start providing valuable, relevant information to your readers about your chosen topic. So we chose Golf. We could write about our favorite Golf Courses, Golf Competitions, or the latest Golf Equipment. We could be very technical and discuss the latest rule changes or club design or follow the performance of a certain professional player. You can choose literally anything that is of interest to you because if it is interesting to you, then chances are that it will be interesting to others!

Ok, so we have out blog and we are now writing articles, but how do we make money. 

I will reveal ALL in How to make money online - FREE (Part 3)

How to make money online - FREE! (Part 1)

So just How do you make money online for FREE?

Ok, I am sure that we have all received spam emails promising to make us $000's in a few minutes if we just purchase a piece of special software! Or what about this one - simply enter your name and email address for amazing details of an automatic online money making system. Or finally, what about - Join us now for a special 'invitation only' seminar where we will reveal details of a top secret money making system for a limited time only!

STOP right there!

If you just ignore the 'Hype' on these 'amazing offers' and examine the real 'content', what is it they are really offering? and more importantly WHY are they offering it?

If someone really did come up with a piece of software that made money on autopilot, why would anyone give this away for a few dollars? Would you? or would you keep it quiet for yourself? So why are these so called 'Guru's doing it? We will get onto that later.

Traditional Internet Marketing (which is the recognized terminology for making money online) is very easy to understand and you don't need any of the above 'tricks' in order to make money online. (Oh, and best of all you can make money online absolutely FREE of charge).

So let's start at the beginning - What are we going to sell to make money? Every single person making money online is either selling a product or a service or generating website traffic in order to generate click through advertising. There are not many ways to actually make money online except for selling a product or service, or promoting a product or service (including advertising) on behalf of a third party. So what are YOU going to sell? Haven't got anything to sell? Don't worry, the good news is that this product or service doesn't have to be YOURS!

What? I can hear you say?

It's true, you can sell or promote other peoples products or services in return for a commission! This is usually referred to as 'Affiliate Marketing' because you are an affiliated partner of the original company offering the product or service that you will be promoting.

So, let's just forget about products and services for now and look at the things that interests us. You see, if you find yourself a specialist 'niche' that you enjoy and know a lot about, then you won't need to try that hard to work with in it and make it work. This is where making money online is really exciting. Your niche can really be anything at all (as long as it is legal of course) so let's throw a few around - take a sport for example, it could be Golf, Soccer, Snooker, Cycling etc, or a hobby - it could be collecting, model making or sewing, or what about a professional interest like - Movie making, Music or Cars....... It really can be anything at all!

But how can you make money from one of these subjects?

Good question, but it is really easy - I will continue this in chapter 2