How to make money online - FREE in Part 4

As always, if you haven't ready parts 1, 2 or 3, please do so before reading this part.

Ok guys, We have already covered most of the basics, but I would like to finish off this briefing with the last way of making money online FREE.

Well, actually there are few additional ways that you can make money from your blog. Once your blog has been around for a while, you may like to consider selling advertising directly to interested parties. Let's take our Golf example again. Lets assume that you added a page to your blog called 'Advertising' and on this page you set out your fees and charges for other online retailers to advertise directly on your site. That would be 100% of the revenue paid directly to you and YOU set the fee!

Ok, your site will have to be attracting many readers each month for this to be attractive to advertisers, but the internet is global and many, many millions of people use it each day!

Another way of making money from your blog would be charging a subscription to view. We call these 'membership' sites. For a small monthly fee, you grant readers access to your information. Obviously you would have to have your site password protected for this feature to work but membership sites do have their place and readers are prepared to pay for good quality content!

While I am on the subject of 'content', please remember that ALL search engines are there to promote top quality content for their users! NOT pages full of adverts. Not only do the search engines dislike advert riddled pages, but so do your readers! Treat them well. Provide them with great content. Make it easy to read. Easy to find, and easy to find further information and you will attract new readers who will make you money.

Please stay tuned. I will be giving you my 'take' on Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest etc) and how you can use these sites as 'tools' to provide you with almost 'instant' traffic! I will also take a look at 'Paid for' advertising versus Search Engine Optimization etc. as well as many other topics that should help you to make money online FREE!

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