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Any visit that you send to your site will be directed to one of the UK's major mobile phone retailer to actually complete their purchase - so YOUR customers can feel confident that they are buying their mobile phone from a recognised retailer.

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What you will get is a similar version of this site. ALL the latest deals and handset etc are automatically updated for you! All you have to do is drive traffic to your site!

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How to get more Facebook Page 'Likes' - More page fans?

Get more page 'likes' or 'fans' for your Facebook page

Ok, this may not be rocket science, but if you have a Facebook page you want people to 'like' it yes? Why? well the more fans you have, the higher it will rank. If you have a page that is related to a business or any product or service sales, then you will also get more sales if you have a BIGGER audience.

But hang on a minute - Although more 'likes' or 'fans' will rank your page higher, what is more important (to me anyway) is the amount of people who 'visit' your page!

What is the difference? Well, people who 'like' your Facebook page or become a 'fan' of your page may NEVER visit your page again! Just because they are a fan, doesn't mean that they will return to your page. Granted, they will receive all your page status updates, links, events and other feeds etc, but if you have taken the time to set up a great page, maybe with external links on it, you really want people to return to you page on a regular basis. the Facebook page stats will help you to monitor how many people actually use your page.

Anyway, I digress - How to get more 'likes' or 'fans' for your Facebook page!

This is probably the easiest method and the most effective - I call this 'indirect marketing' or as it is sometimes referred to as 'Social Marketing' or 'interactive marketing'.

What am I talking about? DIALOGUE!

Facebook has recently allowed you to use Facebook AS you page. Simply click on the link that will allow you to do this (from your Facebook page) and then do a search for any relevant pages within Facebook. An example - If I had a page about Pet Care, I would probably search for any pages relating to pets! Dogs, Cats, Fish etc, etc. When you find a page that is a good match, simply 'Like' the page. Now that you are a 'Fan', you should be able to use this page to drive traffic back to YOUR page!

WARNING: I am not talking about joining a page just to steal some of their traffic! This is a big no, no! Because you have chosen a suitable page to 'like', you have basically established a reciprocal link between your two pages. But this will only work if your 'interact' with the members of your chosen page.

Now, please don't be cheap and obvious by writing something spammy on their wall. They won't thank you for it (and will probably delete your message anyway). Remember, I said 'INTERACT' with it! Try finding a comment or post on their page wall and 'like' it and/or leave a positive 'comment'. Because you are using Facebook as your 'Page' your 'like' and 'comment' will show us as if your page has left it! Therefore, creating a link back to your page! Any visitor to this post will see your comment or the fact that you have 'liked' something and may just click on YOUR link and possibly become a 'fan' of your page! Why? Because it is relevant!

This really does work! I recently placed one comment on a page that had 35,000+ 'fans' and because it was - a) relevant and b) positive and c) not a spammy link back to my page - I grew my Facebook page 'likes' by 200% in 24 hours!

If you are allowed to write a comment on a page wall, then even better!

But PLEASE respect it! Don't write "Joe's Pet Care in New York - visit us today!" on a New York Tourist page. It isn't relevant and is so spammy, if I were the owner of that page I would delete the post and probably you as well! NO, the best way would be to compliment the page and add some 'relevant' text to the page! The page owner will love you for it and will leave your post on that page forever!

Give it a go and get more Facebook Page 'likes' and 'Fans' for your page!

FREE UK Legal Documents Affiliate program - Sign up!

FREE UK Legal Documents Affiliate program - Sign up!

Legal Documents if arranged by high street solicitors can cost a fortune, but there is another way.

Simply by joining the FREE UK Legal Documents Affiliate program you can benefit from directing your visitors to the Click Docs website they can buy a wide range of UK Legal Forms and documents directly off the net. Your visitors can browse the Legal Documents in each of the sections listed, look for a specific trade in "Documents by Trade", or simply use search box to find the Legal Document or form that they need.

Instantly downloading their chosen document in Word format, your visitors can benefit from completing their documents FAST! following the detailed notes provided with each form.

Drafted by solicitors for use at home or office, each legal document is designed to save you time and money especially from expensive solicitors fees. Their customer support desk is also on hand to answer any questions. There is no limit on how many times each document can be used.

All forms are intended for use in the UK (England, Wales & Scotland) only.

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FREE UK Legal Documents Affiliate program

FREE PMA, Hypnosis and Self Help Affiliate Program

FREE PMA, Hypnosis and Self Help Affiliate Program

Get Up to 50% Commission on the Dream Manifestation Kit

Imagine being able to help people to achieve their dreams and being paid for doing so! Well this is exactly what is on offer here - Sign up for the FREE PMA, Hypnosis and Self Help affiliate program and start to promote these superb products.

Use Your Intention & Passion to Manifest Your Dreams

The Dream Manifestation Kit is a 6 CD package. It includes a software application and 5 audio CD’s that affects you in a very profound and astonishing way. With the Dream Manifestation Wizard you setup your goals, intentions or life dreams.

The additional 5 audio CD’s include the Principles of Successful Manifesting on 2 audio CD’s, Instant Manifesting Sessions on 2 audio CD’s and a powerful CD with two subliminal manifesting sessions.

Receiving Your Commission

When one of your visitors purchases a Dream Manifesto product, you will receive up to 50% commission paid monthly by PayPal. But wait, it gets even better. The program uses a tracking cookie with a 1 year life span which means that if your visitor returns to the main website anytome within 1 year from their first visit, you will still receive your commission.

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