FREE PMA, Hypnosis and Self Help Affiliate Program

FREE PMA, Hypnosis and Self Help Affiliate Program

Get Up to 50% Commission on the Dream Manifestation Kit

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Use Your Intention & Passion to Manifest Your Dreams

The Dream Manifestation Kit is a 6 CD package. It includes a software application and 5 audio CD’s that affects you in a very profound and astonishing way. With the Dream Manifestation Wizard you setup your goals, intentions or life dreams.

The additional 5 audio CD’s include the Principles of Successful Manifesting on 2 audio CD’s, Instant Manifesting Sessions on 2 audio CD’s and a powerful CD with two subliminal manifesting sessions.

Receiving Your Commission

When one of your visitors purchases a Dream Manifesto product, you will receive up to 50% commission paid monthly by PayPal. But wait, it gets even better. The program uses a tracking cookie with a 1 year life span which means that if your visitor returns to the main website anytome within 1 year from their first visit, you will still receive your commission.

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