How to make money online - FREE! (Part 1)

So just How do you make money online for FREE?

Ok, I am sure that we have all received spam emails promising to make us $000's in a few minutes if we just purchase a piece of special software! Or what about this one - simply enter your name and email address for amazing details of an automatic online money making system. Or finally, what about - Join us now for a special 'invitation only' seminar where we will reveal details of a top secret money making system for a limited time only!

STOP right there!

If you just ignore the 'Hype' on these 'amazing offers' and examine the real 'content', what is it they are really offering? and more importantly WHY are they offering it?

If someone really did come up with a piece of software that made money on autopilot, why would anyone give this away for a few dollars? Would you? or would you keep it quiet for yourself? So why are these so called 'Guru's doing it? We will get onto that later.

Traditional Internet Marketing (which is the recognized terminology for making money online) is very easy to understand and you don't need any of the above 'tricks' in order to make money online. (Oh, and best of all you can make money online absolutely FREE of charge).

So let's start at the beginning - What are we going to sell to make money? Every single person making money online is either selling a product or a service or generating website traffic in order to generate click through advertising. There are not many ways to actually make money online except for selling a product or service, or promoting a product or service (including advertising) on behalf of a third party. So what are YOU going to sell? Haven't got anything to sell? Don't worry, the good news is that this product or service doesn't have to be YOURS!

What? I can hear you say?

It's true, you can sell or promote other peoples products or services in return for a commission! This is usually referred to as 'Affiliate Marketing' because you are an affiliated partner of the original company offering the product or service that you will be promoting.

So, let's just forget about products and services for now and look at the things that interests us. You see, if you find yourself a specialist 'niche' that you enjoy and know a lot about, then you won't need to try that hard to work with in it and make it work. This is where making money online is really exciting. Your niche can really be anything at all (as long as it is legal of course) so let's throw a few around - take a sport for example, it could be Golf, Soccer, Snooker, Cycling etc, or a hobby - it could be collecting, model making or sewing, or what about a professional interest like - Movie making, Music or Cars....... It really can be anything at all!

But how can you make money from one of these subjects?

Good question, but it is really easy - I will continue this in chapter 2